Angelica Watching

“What did you just say?”

“Come on, its been a while. Give me a blowjob.”

“My sister is upstairs.”

“I will be quiet. Be the slut you are and suck my cock.”

I unbuttoned my jeans on the couch and Sara couldn’t believe what she saw as she was sitting beside me. I was stroking my cock and it was growing before her eyes. Sara leaned forward and licked the head.

“She might walk down here.”

“Just suck my cock Sara.”

She finally took it in her mouth and loved the slurping sounds. I took my hand and caressed her hair. Sara made sure all of it was in her mouth. I leaned back in pleasure and could feel her right hand massaging my balls. I let out a sigh as Sara worked on the head with her tongue.

We were in the living room and I could hear footsteps. Sara was getting into it. Sara is short, 5’4, short red hair, light skin, and my little submissive slut. Sara listens. She finally got on her knees and spread my legs. Her left hand was stroking my cock as her mouth was sucking on my balls. I could hear pitter patter. All of a sudden I saw Angelica standing in the middle of the stairway. She was watching her sister Sara suck my cock. Angelica was frozen. There she stood with a tee shirt and shorts. I looked up at her with a big smile. Angelica continued to walk down the stairs and wouldn’t look at me. She walked into the kitchen. I motioned to Sara to get up. I bent her over and unbuttoned her jeans. They slid down to the floor. She leaned over further as I slipped my hard seven inch cock into her pussy. I didn’t waste a second and gripped onto her sides. I fucked her pussy like a jackhammer as Sara could no longer be quiet. Angelica stormed from the kitchen saw her Sara getting railed. They could see each other’s faces. I could tell Angelica was turned on. She sat down in the recliner as she was only a few feet away from Sara. Angelica leaned back in the recliner and slipped her hand down her shorts. Angelica watched intently as she masturbated. I was getting very close. I could see Angelica biting and licking her lips. Sara was screaming my name over and over. I pulled my cock out and walked over to Angelica. She leaned forward as I shot out a load all over her face. Sara was just in awe.